Emilie Road
7200 New Falls Road
6 County Way
The Levittown Fire Company No. 2 is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization located in Levittown, PA.
that provides fire protection services to the residents of Bristol Township, Pennsylvania.

The first meeting to form Levittown Fire Company No.2 was held in March of 1954
at the home of Charles Steever who resided at 3 Access Lane in the Appletree section of Levittown.
In April, Steever was elected to the position of President and Don Scott as Chief.
A Charter application in June of 1954 led to several meetings with the Bristol Township Board of Commissioners
and the four existing Bristol Township fire companies.
Ordinance No. 127 creating Five Fire Districts in Bristol Township was adopted on March 25, 1955.
Levittown Fire Company No.2 was granted its charter on April 1, 1955.
Levittown Fire Company No.2 went into service on August 9, 1956 after the purchase of a 1956 American LaFrance 750 gpm pumper.
The pumper was temporarily housed in a garage on Emilie Road near Green Lane
until the fire station at 7200 New Falls Road was constructed next to the Post Office.
Building plans were patterned after the McKinley Fire Station in Abington Township